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Policy & Management Resources

All the resources on this page are free for you to access and use.  To see the resource, click on the blue hyperlink next to the description. The resource will open up in a separate window. To return to this page, simply close the new window when you have finished with it.

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This page contains sample policy documents and some other documents that might prove useful in management and administrative tasks in school.

bullet1.gif (148 bytes) General policies
bullet1.gif (148 bytes) Curriculum policies (Primary Schools)
bullet1.gif (148 bytes) Planning
bullet1.gif (148 bytes) Various Management Documents

General Policies
Resource Description Link(s)
Policy list
An MS Excel spreadsheet that one school uses to monitor how they keep their policies up to date. Thanks to Neil Whitmill. A useful list of 73! policies.   xls
Policies 2 Thanks to Heather Cunningham of Chilthorne Domer Church School for this collection of sample policies. Included in this zip archive are policies for differentiation, drugs, Equal opportunities, a governors' handbook, pay and risk assessment.   zip
Able child
A policy which deals with approaches to able children. rtf pdf
Able child
Another policy which deals with approaches to able children from Lane End Primary School. rtf pdf
More able Another able child policy. This one is from St Paul's Primary School in Cambridge and is based on format suggested by author Deborah Eyre. Thanks to Headteacher, Cyndy Fiddy. doc  

A selection of schools' Assessment policies.

rtf pdf
This one from St Nicholas CE (VA) JMI School.   pdf
An attendance policy.   pdf
Bereave A Bereavement Care policy from Milton Junior School. rtf  
Example Charging policy. rtf pdf
As well as a policy document (as an MS Word document) this Zip archive contains a collection of other documents from Neil Whitmill relating to the induction and work of CAs. It includes advice about helping children with reading and forms to assist tracking the induction of CAs.   zip
Comms Information and Communication within the School. rtf  
A whole curriculum policy.   pdf
An example Discipline policy... rtf pdf
... and another from Hempenstalls CP School. rtf pdf
Ed visits pol One of the many documents in Ian Kendal's collection (see above). doc  
Early years_
An Early Years policy.   htm
Early years
An Early Years policy submitted by Liz Alderson, Bishop Thornton PS doc  
Equal opps A policy for Equal Gender  Opportunities rtf pdf
Equal opps
An equal opps policy submitted by Keith Harrison doc  
Equal opps
and race
An update from Keith Harrison. Porchester Junior School in Nottingham combined policy for equal opps and race equality. Keith says, "I think it covers all the requirements of the CRE Learning For All document. Note that the Action Plan at the end would need adapting to schools in different circumstances." rtf  
A Homework policy from St John's RC JMI School.   pdf
A policy and parents' letter on the use of the internet in school from Keith Harrison, Porchester Junior School, Nottingham. rtf pdf
policy bms
Another internet policy from Bushey Middle School. rtf  
A policy on marking and presentation. rtf pdf
A policy on Monitoring and Evaluation from Springside Primary School.   pdf
A policy on multicultural education from Barmby Moor CE Primary School. If you like this sample why not visit their website? There's a whole collection of policies there.   htm
An policy concerning relationships and communication with parents.   pdf
An example of a primary school performance management policy from Edgworth Primary School. rtf  
Sadly, it is sometimes necessary for a child to be restrained. This policy is from Longlevens PS, Gloucestershire. Head, Dave Smith says, It's been redrafted and approved by Glos LEA's Primary Behaviour Support Team (who are top notch) so it'll do for me.  Unfortunately it's necessarily detailed and some of it makes uncomfortable reading.  doc pdf
An Anti-Racism policy (Eli Hurley and Tim McShane). rtf pdf
force policy
A policy on the use and control of reasonable force from Upottery Primary School.   pdf
Sen policy An SEN policy from Sir William Borrough School.   pdf
Sen policy2 Another SEN policy.   pdf
Sexed_policy A Sex Education policy.   pdf
Staff induction
A Staff Induction policy. rtf pdf
Teach and learn policy A policy on Teaching and Learning from St John's RC JMI School.   pdf
Visiting policy Our own Bob Hopcraft, former Head of Norton St Nicholas Primary School, has submitted this Governors' Visiting policy. doc  
Curriculum policies (Primary Schools) top.gif (1541 bytes)
Resource Description Link(s)
Gen pol A General Curriculum policy rtf  
Art policy William Borrough School's policy for Art. rtf pdf
Art pol
Langford Lower School's policy for Art from Nursery - Y4. Thanks to Neil Whitmill. doc  
DT policy
This policy for Design Technology was submitted by Maria Armiger of Murton Jubilee PS (Co Durham). doc  
D&T policy A policy for Design Technology.   pdf
EYP doc A policy Statement on Early Years Education rtf htm
Hist pol 2000 Edgworth Primary School in Blackburn's History policy. rtf  
An ICT policy for a special school (Bromley Hall School, Tower Hamlets). The zip file contains a copy of the rtf file. rtf
IT policy

A selection of ICT policies for mainstream schools.

rtf pdf
IT policy2 rtf pdf
IT policy3 Badock's Wood Primary School's ICT policy. rtf pdf
IT policy4   rtf pdf
KS1 plan These two documents are an attempt by Jan Davies of Upottery Primary School to give a term by term curriculum map marrying all of the QCA Schemes of Work for NC2000 for the whole of KS1 and 2.  (See also psheplan, below). The KS2 Plan includes a note from Jan about how it can best be used. rtf  
KS2 plan rtf  
Y34 y56 plan Jan Davies's KS2 plan, set out in 6 terms with separate lines in each term for Y3/4 and Y5/6. doc  
Library skills A policy for the teaching of library and information skills in KS 2 rtf pdf
Literacy The literacy policy from St Nicholas CE (VA) JMI School. doc  
Maths policy From Kath Budd at St Michael's CPS, Reading. Now rewritten to include NNS and with gaps to fill in the name of your school. doc  
Music policy

A selection of schools' Music policies.

Music policy2 Burton-on-the-Wolds Primary School's Music policy   pdf
Music policy3 Thorverton CE Primary School's Music policy   pdf
Music policy St James The Great Catholic Primary School's Music policy   pdf
PE policy 2 sample PE policies   pdf
PE policy2 Sir William Borrough School's PE policy   pdf
PSHE long
term plan
Thanks to Carole O'Hare for this. doc  
PSHE plan Jan Davies' synthesis of the QCA Schemes of Work for KS1/2 Thinking Skills, PSHE and Citizenship. (Upottery Primary School) rtf  
Sci pol2000 Edgworth Primary School's latest science policy. rtf  
Science A single page science policy document from Mark Squires, who is head of a small rural school (41 pupils aged 4 - 11). Mark says, "All the generic stuff about teaching and learning is in our t&l policy. More specific stuff is in the scheme of work." doc   
Science policy A sample Science policy   pdf
Update sci pol If you are a Science Co-ordinator and in the process of updating your curriculum policy, here is a useful checklist from Colin Joyce. rtf  
Planning top.gif (1541 bytes)
Resource Description Link(s)
Action format A simple post-Ofsted action planning format, submitted by Keith Millinson. rtf  
Evaluation plan
A month by month plan for school evaluation / monitoring. Submitted by Jan Davies, Upottery School. rtf  
Quality of teaching1 A set of statements to help grade quality of teaching - ofsted-style. Submitted by Jan Davies, Upottery School. doc  
Num action plan A sample numeracy action  plan, submitted by Kath Budd. rtf  
VAK Questions

Updated Feb 2005

Thanks to Neil Whitmill for this spreadsheet to help analyse children's learning styles. Neil writes: Well, we are working on identifying learning preferences of primary children and are trying to identify visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learners. We found the questions on the sheet somewhere and have adapted them for our own use. The Excel spreadsheet highlights the results and gives a visual feedback to the teacher of the preferences of each child. Where one learning style is very weak, support may be needed to make the learner able to access more of the curriculum opportunities. This is not a perfect science, but is an interesting indicator.
Various Management Documents top.gif (1541 bytes)
Resource Description Link(s)
Budget A spreadsheet file for calculating your projected budget. There are three linked sheets in this Excel file from David Warbrick.   xls
Chronological age calculators These popular tools are now on our Assessment Resources page.    
This Zip archive contains a collection of MS Word documents from Neil Whitmill. It includes a policy for Classroom assistants and a number of useful forms relating to the induction and work of CAs. It includes advice about helping children with reading.   zip
Co-ordinators questions A collections of the questions asked of subject coordinators during one school's ofsted inspection. Submitted by Jan Davies, Upottery School. doc  
Doc_audit Audit of School Documentation - Infrastructure Requirements rtf  
Dtime One school's analysis of how they spend their statutory "directed time" rtf  
Earrings form A form for parents to sign accepting responsibility for any injuries their children might suffer as a result of their insisting on sending them to school wearing earrings. rtf  
Emerg info
A form for recording emergency contact information, and other key details about children that schools need to keep. rtf  
Jobdesc A set of teachers' job descriptions from the Headteacher's down (or do I mean up?) rtf  
A useful set of forms to help with planning and carrying out school visits. The zip contains 3 rtf documents and an Excel spreadsheet. Thanks to Neil Whitmill of The Grange School.   zip
Lice A letter to parents on the subject of headlice. (This one recommends the use of chemical treatments. We would welcome a sample letter for dealing with these unwelcome visitors without the use of chemicals) rtf  
Headlice ...and here it is at last! Thanks to Mark Squires at Langdale School in Cumbria. This extract from a letter to parents includes a recipe for a non-pesticide pesticide. doc  
Muslim A letter for Moslem parents asking whether their children should attend assemblies. (We would welcome comments about this letter, especially from Moslem parents) rtf  
NFERcalc If you use the NFER Group Reading Test 9-14 this little spreadsheet from Roberta Downton will calculate "Standardised Age Score" and "Reading Age" for the NFER Group Reading Test 9-14 - using Combo sliders to avoid numerical input and the ambiguities of "duodecimal" years. It needs no instructions or Add-Ins, and is protected to be blunder-proof.

This file requires MS Excel 2000 or later.

Reporting An easy to use end of term report format for a primary school, together with a supporting letter to parents, peripatetic music report form and teachers' guide. (Zip contains MS Word docs). From Neil Whitmill.   zip
Salary calc This zip archive contains an Excel spreadsheet for calculating staff salaries and a MS Word document of instructions. Thanks to Dave Smith.   zip
Sats extra
time sheet
A form for applying for extra time for individual pupils taking KS2 SATs. Thanks to Michael Lane (Just change the names to protect the innocent!) (Updated for 2004) doc  
Staff hand
Have you ever agonised about the kind of information that all staff should have at their fingertips? Well Anne Munro has done the thinking for you! This zip file contains Anne's Staff Handbook as 2  MS Word documents.   zip
Timings An Excel spreadsheet, from Neil Whitmill, that calculates the percentage of time spent on each subject. Very useful for Ofsted! Separate calculations for KS1 & KS2   xls
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