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Mathematics Resources

All the resources on this page are free for you to access and use.  To see the resource, click on the blue hyperlink next to the description. The resource will open up in a separate window. To return to this page, simply close the new window when you have finished with it.

To save a resource to your hard disc, right click on the link and choose Save target as .. (Internet Explorer) or Save link as .. (Firefox).
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bullet1.gif (148 bytes) Number
bullet1.gif (148 bytes) Shape, Space & Data
bullet1.gif (148 bytes) Mathematical Games
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Planning, Assessment and Recording
Resource Description Link(s)
Key  Objective Tracking This MS Excel spreadsheet allows you to track pupil's progress from term to term and from year to year. Add the number of the year to each column as a child achieves the key objectives and you can see instantly which children are working ahead of the year group or behind it. Thanks to Iain McJannet.   xls 
Maths record sheet Example of a maths record sheet.   pdf
Num action plan A sample numeracy action  plan, submitted by Kath Budd. rtf  
Numeracy planning sheet Sample of how you might go about planning for numeracy.   pdf
Numeracy record sheet y3 Great record sheets for the Numeracy Strategy's key objectives for years 3 - 6. Try them and use them!   pdf
Numeracy record sheet y4   pdf
Numeracy record sheet y5   pdf
Numeracy record sheet y6   pdf
Numeracy short term1 Short term plans for numeracy strategy, first half of autumn term, Years 1&2   pdf
Numeracy short term1a Short term plans for numeracy strategy, first half of autumn term,  5&6.   pdf
Number top.gif (1541 bytes)
Resource Description Link(s)
7 Times A PowerPoint presentation (this one is zipped, 'cos it's rather large) by Liz Philip. The Seven times table in numbers and pictures.   zip
Addsub10 An investigation starter into the effects of adding or subtracting 10 from odd and even numbers. From Julie Bolton, Poulton-le-Sands CE Primary School doc  
Array A really nice Flash application for looking at multiplication arrays. Click on the numbers to set the multiplication, click "show me" and you see an array of dots to match and 2 number lines divided up to match the calculation. Thanks to Patrick Allen. (Open the zip, extract the file within and run it. No need to install).
This is one of Patrick's freebies. If you like them there are more that you can buy - see Patrick's website.
  zip (PC Version 558Kb)

zip (Mac Version 838Kb)

Basic Excel Teach yourself or your pupils to use MS Excel. This document shows you how to make simple bar charts and carry out simple calculations. Thanks to Beverley Sallis, New Oscott Junior School. doc rtf
Change money Designed for printing as a worksheet. Working change from 10p or 20p. Thanks to Theresa Boyle.   xls
Clock dig A PowerPoint presentation from the keyboard of Liz Philip, matching the times on analogue and digital clocks.   ppt
Clock face A large analogue clockface for children to cut out, colour and use to help them learn to tell the time. Laminated, they make a great wall display... "Nicola, reset all the clocks. Now then, everyone you have 10 minutes to write down the time on all the clocks". You know the sort of thing.   rtf
Converting units A PowerPoint presentation form Joanne Smithies theat deals with converting metric units (eg metres - cm) and clearly animates digits moving between columns when multiplying / dividing by 100.   ppt
Counting on A MS PowerPoint presentation for supporting the teaching of basic arithmetic in Early Years / Y1 / SEN. A series of simple additions are animated. Teacher control allows you to give children time to discuss / count before the answer is presented. Zip archive contains a PowerPoint file. Thanks to Veronica Carter, Camelsdale First School, Surrey.   zip
Decimal A PowerPoint presentation for use with the whole class. Liz Philip explains decimals. "Excellent," says the Vaultman.   ppt
Decimal place Following on from the one above, Liz helps to reinforce ideas about place value, visually comparing places on each side of the point.   ppt
top.gif (1541 bytes)
Div10 Another of Liz Philip's excellent PowerPoint presentations. Division by 10 - demonstrating numbers moving one column to the right.   ppt
Division 2 sets of word problems on division, from Julie Bolton doc  
Division2 doc  
Equiv fract 3 simple activity sheets from Martin Gittins on equivalent fractions, percentages and decimals.   zip
F_machines 2 PowerPoint presentations about function machines. One deals with simple 1-stage machines the other with 2-stage machines. Thanks to Joanne Smithies.   zip
Fraction Are you old enough to remember Halving, the computer film that animated a square being progressively halved. Here's a similar idea from Liz Philip in an MS PowerPoint presentation. Great for your interactive whiteboard.   ppt
Factions and division A PowerPoint presentation from Stephen Penny which helps to explain fractions of amounts eg i/5 of 660.   ppt
Heavy and light Which object will make the scales go down? This simple PowerPoint presentation from Mairi Eggar will give your KS1 children a chance to discuss it.   ppt
How much 2 PowerPoint presentations. Children are presented with 2 or 3 items and prices to add up. Totals are 10p or less so this is definitely a KS1 resource. Thanks to Mairi Eggar.   zip
Incor no seqs Jamie Nairn has sent us this interesting little activity. He says: Here is a set of number sequences to cut out and get the children to arrange in order (the numbers underlined go first) then they work out  the rule.  They then find that 2 of the numbers are wrong.  They must identify which ones and correct them.  Blank squares to find next/previous 2 in the sequence.  For a range of abilities in upper KS2. doc  
Millionaire Who wants to be a millionaire played on a PowerPoint presentation. Choices appear - click to see the correct answer. Laughter and wrong answer controls in the top left corner. Thanks to Errol Campta.   zip
More and less 2 PowerPoint presentations focusing on comparing the contents of two "containers". Mairi Eggar designed these for the MLD / SLD school she works in but they would be useful for early KS1 in mainstream.   zip
Multpattern on
This activity from Arthur Daley lets children investigate one of the patterns made by multiplications. An interesting idea. rtf  
Multiple spiders An activity sheet by Mike Freedman looking at the patterns in multiples of numbers from 1 to 10. rtf  
Negative numbers An animated introduction to negative numbers. This PowerPoint presentation is from Joanne Smithies.   ppt
Negnum A PowerPoint presentation that explains negative numbers in a visual way. Another from Liz Philip.   ppt
Number fan An Excel spreadsheet set up to produce the leaves for a number fan. Just cut them out and fix them together. Submitted by Julie Bolton.   xls
Number tests This zip archive contains four Excel spreadsheets that generate daily number tests. These are from Kath Budd, who says,"I use them at registration time with my Y6 class and allow 3 - 5 minutes, depending on difficulty."
The sheets use macros so don't worry if you get asked about them. Kath also says,"The decimal sheet in 3+add.xls doesn't quite work without formatting the answer cells every time as the macro only gives whole numbers."
Numtrack50 Two MS Excel spreadsheets by Mike Freedman that produce number tracks (number grids in which the first row reads L to R, the 2nd reads R to L etc.) Useful for counting activities.   xls
Numtrack100   xls
top.gif (1541 bytes)
Ordering decimals Drag the decimals into the right order. A simple little on-the-screen worksheet form Jamie Nairn. doc  
Percentages A simple PowerPoint presentation to help teach percentages and give practice in using them. Thanks to John Nielsen.   ppt
Place value A brilliant little thing from Liz Philip. An MS Excel spreadsheet which displays a number. Arrows let you add or subtract 10s, 100s or 1000s. A snip at only 14Kb!   xls
Place value thtm A modification of the above by Mike Freedman, which includes units as well.   xls
Problem solving Recording and analysis grid A format from David Hatchett. Just what it says on the tin. (Also available with others - see Real Life Problems, below)   pdf
Ratio Colour the shapes. An on-the-screen worksheet from Jamie Nairn. doc  
Real Life Problems 2 question sheets (timetables and time) and a recording sheet from David Hatchett.
(MS Word files)
Real Life Time Problems One of David Hatchett's real life problem sheets (see above).   pdf
Renewable worksheet This is an example, with explanation, of how you can produce an onscreen maths worksheet that generates calculations from random numbers. When a child has entered  the answers, they can be marked at the press of a button. MS Excel sheet by Mike Freedman. (This sheet contains a macro, so if you want to use it you will need to enable macros before opening the sheet).   xls


Spreadsheets Here's a huge collection of MS Excel spreadsheet files that have been submitted by Damian Railston. He says, "Most of them give you a new worksheet every time you open it. I use them to generate work to put on my interactive board.
You need the analysis tool pack installed and, if printed out, they'll need to have the page setup adjusted and probably some of the columns will need adjusting.There's also the odd mistake... nobody's perfect!"

(To install the Analysis tool pack Go to Tools --> Add ins..)

Square root cube Here's a good use for your new whiteboard! An MS PowerPoint presentation which demonstrates square and cubed numbers. Thanks to Liz Philip (our newly discovered Powerpoint Wiz).   ppt
Subtract by add An MS PowerPoint presentation which demonstrates how to calculate subtraction by adding on. Thanks to Liz Philip.   ppt
Subtraction by adding A simple PowerPoint presentation dealing with subtraction by addition of 3 digit numbers. Thanks to John Nielsen.   ppt
Subtraction Another of Veronica Carter's PowerPoint presentations. Simple subtractions are presented with pictorial representations of the numbers. Pictures are removed to show the answer.   zip
Tables tests
Corrected 12/3/06

This is an MS Excel workbook that generates tables "squares" for the children to complete. Each square has nine rows (2-10). The 3 different sheets have 4, 5 and 9 columns. It also generates answer sheets (to save you time). I use them as weekly tables tests ("How many can you get right in 5 minutes?").
The sheet uses a macro to jumble up the row and column headings so you will need to set your Macro Security Level to medium before loading the spreadsheet).

Timetable Worksheet

Complete the bus timetables. A  worksheet for Y5 from David Hatchett (also available zipped with others - see Real Life Problems, above)

Time Another Flash application from Patrick Allen. A choice of 4 styles of analogue clock face (click on the little clock to change the style) numbers / no numbers / roman numerals. Click the buttons to move on by 1, 5, 10 mins or 1 hour).   zip
(PC Version 923K)

(Mac Version  1215K)

Timetable worksheets

A set of bus/train timetables to complete. Aimed at Y4/5 by Ruth Dawson


Toffee_tin Here's a great investigation involving both number and shape. Thanks to Steve Gailor. doc  
Warm up activities This zip archive contains lots of little PowerPoint presentations intended for the mental / oral starter session. These are aimed at Y5/6.Thanks to Mike Painter.   zip
wrong subtraction A simple PowerPoint presentation from Mike Painter. A series of subtractions with wrong answers are presented with a chance for discussion before showing the correct answer.   ppt
xbygrid A worksheet to help children learn to use the grid method of multiplication. (NB The MSWord document version will only work on Word 2000 or later). Thanks to Dill Westermann-Childs. doc htm

Four offerings from Judith A Young. They are sets of Maths problems to get kids used to listening to a story.. or reading them themselves ready for SATS. They are set out in text and are designed for top KS2 / lower KS3.

Aday in the life Measurement problems (time, money, length, speed etc.) doc  
Mixed % problems Problems involving percentages doc  
Three little kittens Puzzles based on basic operations. doc  
Witch of Willoughby Basic operations. doc  
top.gif (1541 bytes)

A set of worksheet generators from John Taylor. Each one is an MS Excel spreadsheet which generates maths worksheets and matching answer sheets from numbers that you type in.   They are easy to use. Try one and I'm sure you will want the others! John has the latest versions of these sheets, other downloadable materials and details of his published work on his website at

Addequation Horizontal addition   xls
Addsub Vertical addition / subtraction   xls
Addsub money Vertical addition / subtraction of money   xls
Addsub problems Addition and subtraction problems   xls
Division Division - 2 sheets TU and HTU   xls
Division problems Division problems   xls
Easy addsub Easy addition and subtraction problems (set out vertically)   xls
Mental test Generates mental maths tests. READ the instructions carefully!   xls
Multiplication Set out vertically. 2 Sets HT / HTU   xls
Multiplication problems   xls
Multiprobe An interesting one - A set of sheets into which you can put things like number sentences. The sheet then copies them into randomised positions on a grid for the children to practice. Could also be used for literacy tasks like consonant blends / sounds etc.
The zip file contains 2 versions of Multiprobe - one using the more decorative Lucida font.
Sub equation Horizontal subtraction   xls
Tables practice Just what it says! Type in the table you want and it makes 9 (yes 9) worksheets.   xls
Shape Space & Data top.gif (1541 bytes)
Resource Description Link(s)
Co-ordinates A PowerPoint presentation, from Joanne Smithies, which uses animation to provide a simple introduction to co-ordinates in all four quadrants.   ppt
Logo A zip archive containing 9 MS Word worksheets to use with Logo. They are designed for use with SuperLogo but could easily be adapted for any version.   Zip
Mirror images 15 MS Word files from Martin Gittins each of which contains a pattern matching exercise to be done on the computer. Martin says,  "It is a simple routine that can be used by children, probably from yr3 upwards (I'd be interested to know of any younger successes!). It's a click and drag program to produce a mirror image of a given set of shapes. The first few are plain white and they become increasingly complex, with colour added at a later stage. (This means that skills in using the 'fill' icon can also be stretched.) The shapes all 'click to grid' so the margin for error is minimal so long as the cursor is close to the right spot. Have fun!"
And now ... the same exercises as TextEase Studio files (they may work on earlier versions of TextEase, I don't know - I don't have an earlier version to try them on).
MS Word
Ease Studio
Name these shapes A simple worksheet by Mike Freedman. A set of 2D shapes to name. rtf  
Pie charts An MS PowerPoint presentation to help in the teaching of pie charts. Thanks to Mike Painter for this one.   ppt
Rotations A simple PowerPoint presentation from John Nielsen, showing the rotation of a rectangle in four quadrants and the effect on the co-ordinates.   ppt
Shapes A set of large (A4) coloured mathematical shapes. Mike Freedman did them for a classrom display. rtf  
Toffee_tin Here's a great investigation involving both number and shape. Thanks to Steve Gailor. doc  
Mathematical Games top.gif (1541 bytes)
Resource Description Link(s)
Build the
Details of a game for Year 5s from Iain Thersby (Lane End Primary School). The game involves colouring squares on a grid according to the throw of a die. rtf pdf
Frogs Another of Iain Thersby's games. This one involves a human sized board game! rtf pdf
Sticks game Another of Iain's KS2 maths games. This one is a version of Nim. rtf pdf
Two dice game This game, also from Iain Thersby, will help children to think about simple addition and subtraction of the numbers on 2 dice. rtf pdf
Investigations top.gif (1541 bytes)
Resource Description Link(s)
12 Days Have you ever wondered how many gold rings my true love had given me by the end of the 12 days of Christmas? (or how many birds? This is a spreadsheet activity to work out the maths of the well known song.   pdf
Addsub10 An investigation starter into the effects of adding or subtracting 10 from odd and even numbers. From Julie Bolton, Poulton-le-Sands CE Primary School doc  
Jail Break Here's a great one from Stephen Penny to support Using and Applying Mathematics. It's a PowerPoint presentation that sets out a series of complex events and then poses a series of challenges based on them. One for the better mathematicians in Year 6 or higher.   ppt

Mult-pattern on numlines

This activity from Arthur Daley lets children investigate one of the patterns made by multiplications. An interesting idea. rtf  
Scores_avs A collection of spreadsheets (MS Excel) to help work out average scores for athletics events. Includes jumped and thrown distances, times taken, pulse rates and numbers of repetitions. Could be useful for record keeping or for sports day. Thanks to Martyn Fearn, who says that the sheets were originally used as part of a cross curricular project for Y6 leavers to investigate the truth of  statements such as "boys are fitter than girls".   zip
Squares This activity from Arthur Daley   investigates the number of small grids that will fit in larger grids. doc  
Toffee_tin Here's a great investigation involving both number and shape. Thanks to Steve Gailor. doc  
Seasonal Offerings top.gif (1541 bytes)
Resource Description Link(s)

Co-ordinates wordsearch

A Christmassy word search grid (with word list)
The same grid (without a wordlist but marked with coordinates)
An activity on coordinates based on the completed wordsearch.
Co-ordinates wordsearch   pdf
Coordinate rules   pdf
12 Days Have you ever wondered how many gold rings my true love had given me by the end of the 12 days of Christmas? (or how many birds? This is a spreadsheet activity to work out the maths of the well known song. PS Can you spot the deliberate (!) mistake?   pdf

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