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bullet1.gif (148 bytes) Assessment and Monitoring
bullet1.gif (148 bytes) Safe Surfing and Emailing
bullet1.gif (148 bytes) Make your own Webpages
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Curriculum policies can be found on our Policies and Management page. For information about the different file types that we offer click here.
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File Formats


A scheme of work for the Autumn term Unit 2 on the Advanced VCE in Information and Communication Technology - ICT Serving Organisations. Thanks to Jim Davis, Cheltenham Kingsmead School Doc    


Useful guidelines (written from personal experience) about preparing for OFSTED inspections in IT. HTML file.    


ictaudit Need to do an ICT audit? Then this is the document for you!  ZIP file contains a MS Word document.     zip
ictaudits Here is a useful tool for KS3 teachers to map ICT against the other NC subjects. This archive contains a series of audit grids together with a brief explanation of their use by their author, Adam Gibson.     zip
itaccess Some sound advice on ensuring that as many children as possible get quality access to ICT as often as possible. HTML file.     html
ict_across_the_curriculum All the "ICT opportunity" examples extracted from Curriculum 2000, by subject, Key Stages 1 and 2. Thanks to Keith Jeary. pdf rtf  
ictinliteracyhour Here is a case study on the use of portable wordprocessors to raise children's achievements in Writing. It has been submitted by the manufacturers of Alphasmart, but written by Emma Cansdale, Key LIteracy Teacher at Down Lane Junior School, Tottenham.   doc  
internetpolicy A sample school internet policy pdf    
icttopicsy5 An example of how the DfEE materials can be used to plan a unit of work for Y5 using a topic-based approach. pdf    

Here is a set of documents outlining a complete scheme of work for Key Stage Two in ICT. The work is related to the Units of the QCA Scheme. (See the next section for Certificates and Assessment Sheets to go with this scheme).

itschemeofwork Years 3 and 4 - Contains work related to Units 3A, 3B, 4A, 4B, 4C, 4D and 4E (but not, unfortunately, 3C, 3D or 3E) pdf    
itschemeofworkunit4e Year 4 - Unit 4E : Modelling Effects on Screen pdf    
itschemeofworkunit5a Year 5 - Unit 5A : Graphical Modelling pdf    
itschemeofworkunit5b Year 5 - Unit 5B : Analysing Data and Asking Questions pdf    
itschemeofworkunit5c Year 5 - Unit 5C : Evaluating Information, Checking Accuracy + Questioning Plausibility (Sadly, the support files that this unit refers to are a commercial product and not included with the document). pdf    
itschemeofworkunit5d Year 5 - Unit 5D : Introduction to Spreadsheets pdf    
itschemeofwork1 Year 5 - Unit 5E : Controlling Devices pdf    
itschemeofwork2 Year 6 Unit 6A : Multimedia Presentations pdf    
itschemeofwork3 Year 6 - Unit 6B : Spreadsheet Modelling pdf    
itschemeofwork4 Year 6 - Unit 6C : Control and Monitoring pdf    
ictpol Thanks to Helen Parr for this model ICT policy. Edit the Word document to make it your own   doc  
ictpol_poplar_2003 This is the Vaultman's own ICT Policy and scheme of work.   doc  
lum_head_ict_pol A pretty comprehensive ICT policy from Lum Head Primary School. Thanks to John Sutton.   doc  

A list of software suitable for various aspects of ICT at KS1/2

Development Plans and NGFL Bids Top.gif (2209 bytes)



File Formats
ictdevelopmentplan1 An example of an ICT development plan.  Zip file contains an MS Word document. pdf   zip
ngfldevelopmentplan Examples of NGfL development plans. pdf    
ngfldevelopmentplan1 pdf    
fouryearngflbid One school's approach to planning finance for NGFL bid over four years pdf    
Assessment and Monitoring Top.gif (2209 bytes)


Summary File Formats
ks1_2000assessment Two record sheets based on the new National Curriculum Levels. (Julie Yaxley)   rtf  
ks2_2000assessment   rtf  
it Part of a series of assessment sheets for KS1/2 produced by David Warbrick. David explains: A single 2 sided A4 sheet for each of the QCA units of work- there are 3 expected levels of outcome- Most children will..... Some children will do better and...... Some children will not do as well and....... The reverse of the sheet contains the "small steps" the learning objectives for the scheme as a means of recording the achievements of those children who didn't achieve the expected outcomes.
You can find further details and the whole set of sheets at David's website.
(rtf files in zip archive)
ict_expectassess This is a set of rtf files. There are year by year tables showing the expected outcomes for each of the QCA units and for each one a simple class record sheet. Thanks to Angela Heald of Mount Carmel School, Doncaster.     zip
itrecord Example of how to keep a record of achievements in ICT. An "I can..." sheet with examples from each level. pdf    
ictrecords A set of tick sheets for recording the year by year progress of the children in a class. Thanks to Sarah Linton of Luckwell Primary School.   doc  
internet_Ican An I can sheet for children to self assess their use of the internet. Thanks to Janet Thesiger.   doc  
oayr12checklist Dominic MacAleer has sent us this checklist for Year 12 students to  complete to record their progress in using MS Office Applications   xls  
unit3ccertificate1 Certificates and assessment sheets for use with the above scheme of work. The children will love them! pdf    
unit3ccertificate2 pdf    
unit3ecertificate1 pdf    
unit3ecertificate2 pdf    
unit3ecertificate3 pdf    
unit4acertificate pdf    
unit4bcertificate pdf    
unit4ccertificate1 pdf    
unit4ccertificate2 pdf    
unit4dcertificate1 pdf    
unit4dcertificate2 pdf    
unit5acertificate pdf    
unit5bcertificate pdf    
unit5ccertificate pdf    
unit5dcertificate pdf    
unit6acertificate pdf    
unit6bcertificate pdf    
unit6ccertificate pdf    
Safe Surfing and Emailing
A selection of websites and documents to guide you, your pupils and their parents in the art of using the internet safely. Click on the URL to open the webpage in a new window.
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URL Summary
http://www.groupbt.com/ict/kids_zone/safesurf/index.html BT's fun guide to staying safe on the internet. AImed at primary-aged children
http://www.safekids.com/kidsrules.htm Safety rules for children
http://www.safekids.com/parent_guidelines.htm Guide for parents.
http://www.safeteens.com/safeteens.htm Guide for Teen parents...
http://www.safekids.com/risks.htm What are the risks?
http://www.safekids.com/privacyissues.htm Privacy issues.....americans' paranoia!!
http://www.safekids.com/presentation.htm A presentation in Powerpoint on Child safety
http://www.larrysworld.com/index.html Good stuff from the guy who started safekids and safeteens
Filename Summary File Formats
cautionarytale A story from America about how careful children need to be when using email / internet chat.It's a bit over the top but might be useful.   rtf html
onlineagree A poster to display for children, to remind them of the basic rules for safety.   rtf  
onlinesafetylet A letter for parents to match the poster. Thanks to Julie Bolton for both of these items   rtf  
onlinesafetyrules A simple set of rules for children to follow. Intended for home rather than school use and useful to share with parents.   rtf  
Make your own webpages Top.gif (2209 bytes)
Filename Summary File Formats
Making Webpages with Word97 A set of 6 tutorials by Julie Yaxley to help beginners and children learn to make their own web pages. The tutorial support QCA 6A : Multimedia Presentations. The link leads to an index page giving more details.     html
webbuildingsoftware Some useful advice on obtaining software to help build web pages.      html
websitesave Useful advice if you want to save an entire website to view offline.     html
Control and Monitoring Top.gif (2209 bytes)
Filename Summary File Formats
controlideas Some ideas on approaching control in IT.  Useful information on various items of hardware and software. pdf  
Other Useful Things Top.gif (2209 bytes)
Filename Summary File Formats
basic_guide An illustrated guide to the PC and how to use it. This one will be really useful for beginners. Thanks to Fanus Wallace. pdf
bdbkitchen A word document containing a set of 20 photos of kitchen utensils, intended for use with QCA 4C Branching Databases. doc
bdbvehicles A word document containing a set of 18 photographs of vehicles from our Photo Library. The set is intended for use with QCA 4C Branching Databases. There are cars, vans, lorries, buses, a JCB and boats. This is rather a large file but would save you time since it can be printed in one go. doc
birds database To go with QCA unit 5b here is a database of around 50 birds. Most of the information came from the RSPB's excellent website, but I have edited it to make it more child-friendly. xls csv td (Textease Database)
decisions3 A useful little "How to..." guide to Black Cat's Decisions3 branching databases software. Thanks to Michele Holliday. doc pdf  
fried rice Learn to use PowerPoint. This collection of materials from Gary Martin contains instructions for making a simple presentation of a recipe and 3 different examples of how it might turn out. Also includes an example of a presentation about using PowerPoint in school. Intended for Year 8 and up     zip
kitchen utensils An archive containing the set of photos  from bdbkitchen (above).     zip
networks A simple, fun MS PowerPoint presentation to explain the advantages of a network to children in the primary years. Thanks to Chris Allton, Lea St. Mary's Catholic Primary School, Preston.     ppt
ppt_game This is a unit of work for Year 8. It contains the specification for a unit of work in which pupils produce a multimedia game using MS PowerPoint. The archive includes a sample game and support materials in MS Word format. Thanks to Caroline Coster for this.     zip
save_a_file A tutorial from lecturer, Alan Windsor. about how to save files in MS Word. Print it out for your less confident colleagues. (The zip file contains a Word document)     zip
vehicles An archive containing the set of photos  from bdbvehicles (above).     zip
Word Tutorials A set of 6 tutorials explaining the basics of using MS Word. Suitable for children or adults. (These tutorials assume that you are using Word 97, but they will work for most later versions, too). Thanks to Julie Yaxley. Use the tutorials online by
visiting our Word Tutorials page

(You can also download them from there)

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