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Science Resources

All the resources on this page are free for you to access and use.  To see the resource, click on the blue hyperlink next to the description. The resource will open up in a separate window. To return to this page, simply close the new window when you have finished with it.

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bullet1.gif (148 bytes) Administrative Stuff including Assessment
bullet1.gif (148 bytes) KS1 Science Activities
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bullet1.gif (148 bytes) Earth In Space
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Administrative Stuff
Resource Description Link(s)
Sci Part of a series of assessment sheets for KS1/2 produced by David Warbrick. David explains: A single 2 sided A4 sheet for each of the QCA units of work- there are 3 expected levels of outcome- Most children will..... Some children will do better and...... Some children will not do as well and....... The reverse of the sheet contains the "small steps" the learning objectives for the scheme as a means of recording the achievements of those children who didn't achieve the expected outcomes.
You can find further details and the whole set of sheets at David's website.
(rtf files in zip archive)
Science assessment A set of self-assessment sheets for primary science (Levels 1 - 3) rtf pdf
Science levels targets A levels and targets sheet for KS1 (levels 1 - 3). Submitted by Liz Bell. doc  
Science lesson plan A blank planning format for your science lessons. rtf pdf
Here's a useful resource that you can download from its original source. A set of "I can" self assessment sheets for each of the modules in the QCA Science scheme for years 3-6. Each one has three sets of statements that match each of the 3 levels of expected outcome in the QCA schemes. They are on the website of Graham Jennings of Westdale School, Nottingham. htm
KS1 Science Activities top.gif (1541 bytes)
Resource Description Link(s)
Bugfun An American information sheet suggesting several KS1 activities including catching a spider's web, making ladybird bicuits, design your own insect. rtf pdf
Colours of spring Another American information sheet of suggested activities.   pdf 
Physics top.gif (1541 bytes)
Resource Description Link(s)
Compmats A simple worksheet for KS2 by Tony Poulter. rtf  
Colls1 Two investigations from Tony Poulter about crashing toy cars into sponges. The sheets include results collection tables for children to complete. rtf  
Colls2 rtf  
Dissolve A worksheet by Michele Holliday, intended for use with QCA Unit 4D - Separating Solids and Liquids. rtf  
Electricity A collection of worksheets and experiments by Michele Holliday for use with QCA 4F - Circuits and Conductors.   zip
Forces A KS2 information sheet by Tony Poulter... rtf  
Forces2 ...and a question and research sheet to go with it. rtf  
Forces A collection of worksheets and experiments by Michele Holliday. They are mostly for use with QCA 4E - Friction.   zip
Forces me This zip archive contains a MS PowerPoint file called Forces. It has lots of examples of pushes and pulls. It would make a good discussion focus. This presentation was originally designed for use with Y4 in a school for children with MLD/SLD but would be useful in mainstream, too. Thanks to Mairi Eggar.   zip
552 K
Friction worksheet A worksheet about friction by Michele Holliday. (The zip file contains a Word document) pdf zip
Separating An MS PowerPoint presentation to introduce children to the activity of separating mud and water. Thanks to Emily Smith.   ppt
Shadows How are shadows formed? What happens if the object moves relative to the lamp / screen? A work / homework sheet intended for Year 5 by Mike Freedman    
Shadows2 A worksheet by Michele Holliday. rtf  
Sound123 A zip archive containing 3 simple sheets, from Tonya Culligan, for children in Y3/4 to record the results of experiments with sound.   zip
Earth In Space top.gif (1541 bytes)
Resource Description Link(s)
Daynight A worksheet by Michele Holliday for QCA 5E - Earth, Sun amd Moon. rtf  
Moonobserve A simple day by day chart for recording the shape of the Moon over a 4 week period. Thanks to Carol Trueman. doc  
Moonphases An information and activity sheet for KS2, by Mike Freedman.(zip file containing rtf document)   zip
Moonphases chart Mike's chart for KS2 children to complete with the names, diagrams and details of the Moon's phases. (Includes the answers for you!) rtf   
Planets dbase A database file produced by Mike Freedman. Contains a range of information about the nine planets of the Solar System I'm afraid it hasn't been updated since Pluto was downgroaded!). Choose either csv file which can be read by most data handling programs or the ready made TextEase Studio version. csv te
Solarsys research Mike Freedman's guide sheet for an internet based research topic on the Solar System. Includes a few useful weblinks. rtf  
Biology top.gif (1541 bytes)
Resource Description Link(s)
Flowering plants A powerpoint presentation about the structure and functions of flowers. From West Borough Primary School, Kent.   ppt
Keep healthy A collection of worksheets and experiments from Michele Holliday intended for use with QCA 5A - Keeping Healthy   zip
Minbeasts An American info sheet with suggestions for activities + a salutory story! Appropriate to KS2. rtf pdf
Pond dipping Ideas for Pond Dipping activities. Appropriate to KS1/2 txt pdf
Rock pooling A link to a useful page on the The British Marine Life Study Society's website.   web link
Sorting animals A simple grid for printing to help sort animals according to their mode of locomotion. There are two versions of the grid and a set of pictures to cut out. Thnaks to Theresa Boyle. xls  
Vert decisiontrees A set of worksheets by Mike Freedman to get KS2 pupils thinking about binary trees (in this case for differentiating vertebrates) rtf  
Wildfire This little program simulates the spread of disease through a population. Probably more suitable for KS3/4. (This was given to us and I think it is in the public domain. If you know different please let us know!)   exe

Here's a set of Powerpoint presentations submitted by Samantha Norling,Claycots School. Slough. Berkshire. All aimed at lower junior (Yrs 3-4)

Habitats This one deals with habitats and adaptations.   ppt
Life processes The 7 processes that are common to all living things   ppt
Plants What plants need to grow healthily   ppt
Plants food Plants and photosynthesis   ppt
Various top.gif (1541 bytes)
Resource Description Link(s)
Cell test data A data handling activity for Y6. Figures and graphs are given for the brightness of bulbs as their batteries run down.  Questions are asked about the interpretation of the data. Thanks to Steve Philp, who says, "Beware, the numbers are made up and bear no relation to any real cells or light readings". xls  
Grouping materials A simple venn diagram for sorting plastic / metal / wood. Thanks to Gill Stripp. doc   
WWTBAM KS2 Who Wants To Be A Millionaire quiz. Instructions + 2 question files in a zip archive. Submitted by Angela Fenner.   zip
Index sh1 A simple sheet, from Tonya Culligan, asking children to match famous inventors with their inventions. doc   
Ice cream Three recipes. Ice cream looks at freezing; Yoghurt and Quark will lead to consideration of changing materials and mixtures..   pdf
Quark   pdf
Yoghurt   pdf
Sci rev book1 A revision booklet for children working up to KS2 Science SATs. Thanks to  Cheryl Dee for this excellent, child-friendly resource. doc  
Time calc MS Excel thinks all time data are times of day or dates and so has trouble adding or averaging time measurements. Here's a spreadsheet that can. It totals and averages a series of times in minutes and seconds (eg data from an experiment). The sheet will handle two sets of data so you could, for instance, compare averages for boys and girls. (by Mike Freedman) xls  

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