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Early Years & Foundation Stage Resources

All the resources on this page are free for you to access and use.  To see the resource, click on the blue hyperlink next to the description. The resource will open up in a separate window. To return to this page, simply close the new window when you have finished with it.

To save a resource to your hard disc, right click on the link and choose Save target as .. (Internet Explorer) or Save link as .. (Firefox).

Resource Description Link(s)
Bwords Thanks to Bridgeen McNulty for this interactive PowerPoint presentation. She writes: The resource is intended for use in Reception/Key Stage 1 as a short reinforcement activity in recognising the spelling some common words with B as the beginning sound with animations and sound effects. The resource can be manipulated to represent any letter of the alphabet, simply change the pictures and words.   ppt
Class lab2 A set of labels for cupboards / drawers etc. in the infant classroom. rtf   
Colours A simple MS PowerPoint presentation on the subject of recognising colours. Thanks to Lorna Schembri of Malta.   ppt


A MS PowerPoint presentation for supporting the teaching of basic arithmetic in Early Years / Y1 / SEN. A series of simple additions are animated. Teacher control allows you to give children time to discuss / count before the answer is presented. Zip archive contains a PowerPoint file. Thanks to Veronica Carter, Camelsdale First School, West Sussex.   zip
Creative Ladder This is an abridged version of the Book "The Creative Ladder" by Boris Nikitin. The book deals with developing children's innate intelligence through the playing of a structured sequence of games. rtf  
CVC words presentation This resource provides a continuous play Powerpoint presentation on CVC words.  Great for reinforcing those phonemes! Zip file containing Microsoft Powerpoint presentation.   zip

CVCs vc

A Powerpoint presentation, which builds on the one above. CVC words are illustrated and animated letter by letter. This one is from Veronica Carter.   zip
Home record
A booklet (in MS Word) format to send home for preschool children to fill in (with their parents) to enable the school to find out basic info about what they can already do. From Hollingwood Primary School.   zip
Nursery2 One school's information for parents about its nursery unit and how to help their children settle in. rtf txt
Ourselves A topic map for planning / teaching OURSELVES in YrR. rtf  
Outdoor provision A chart of SCAA's Desirable Outcomes for outdoor play. rtf pdf
Sand water Ideas for sand and water play. rtf pdf
Here is a set of MS PowerPoint presentations produced by Veronica Carter for her reception class at Camelsdale First School ( They are zipped because PowerPoint files can be quite large. TO view the instruction use PowerPoint's View menu and choose Notes page. One of the joys of PowerPoint presentations like these is that you can easily modify them to suit your own needs.
ch_sh_th This one deals with recognising words that begin with the three sounds ch, sh, th.   zip
cvcwordspresentation Consonant - Vowel - Consonant (but you knew that!)  Great for reinforcing those phonemes! .   zip


A Powerpoint presentation, which builds on the one above. CVC words are illustrated and animated letter by letter. This one is from Veronica Carter.   zip


What is the last letter ....   zip

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