How to submit resources to the ICTeachers Resource Vault

  • If you can, please use one (or more) of the file formats shown on our file formats page.

  • Attach your files to an email and send it to the appropriate member of our Resource Vault Team:

  • Bullet1.gif (148 bytes) For primary links and resources and photo submissions:

    Mike: *

    Bullet1.gif (148 bytes) For secondary links and resources:

     Lynn: *

    * Cut and paste these addresses into your e-mail program and replace  _at_ with @.

  • Please include the following information:

your name and school (if appropriate);

a brief summary of the content,  purpose and age / Key Stage appropriateness of the resource;

an indication of which page / section of the Resource Vault you would like your resource to go into;

an indication of the software / computer system needed to access your resource if it is not one of our preferred filetypes.

  • Please ensure that the files you send are named in lower case only and that there are no spaces in the names.

  • If your files are large please zip them using a utility like WinZip or ZipCentral (you can download ZipCentral from here - just click the link.

If you have any queries about submitting resources please e-mail us at one of the above addresses.

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