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Geography Resources

All the resources on this page are free for you to access and use.  To see the resource, click on the blue hyperlink next to the description. The resource will open up in a separate window. To return to this page, simply close the new window when you have finished with it.

To save a resource to your hard disc, right click on the link and choose Save target as .. (Internet Explorer) or Save link as .. (Firefox).

Resource Description Link(s)
Coasts Chris Benson, of Child's Hill School, Barnet, has taken some of the photos from our Photo Library and turned them into this rather neat PowerPoint presentation. What a good idea!   ppt
Countries Two Publisher documents from Tony Poulter to guide children in research using the World Reference Atlas CDRom. One file is about Greece, the other about Jamaica.   zip
Geog Part of a series of assessment sheets for KS1/2 produced by David Warbrick. David explains: A single 2 sided A4 sheet for each of the QCA units of work- there are 3 expected levels of outcome- Most children will..... Some children will do better and...... Some children will not do as well and....... The reverse of the sheet contains the "small steps" the learning objectives for the scheme as a means of recording the achievements of those children who didn't achieve the expected outcomes.
You can find further details and the whole set of sheets at David's website.
(rtf files in zip archive)
Housing Design and build a housing estate using Arthur Daly's cut-out sheets. Make the houses and look down on the trees and water features. Instructions included.   doc
Riversys One of Tony Poulter's ICT in Geography tasks. Rearrange the sentences in this Word document into the right order and then import a picture to illustrate the course of a river from source to estuary.   zip
Plan mount hol A framework sheet by Mike Freedman to help children use the internet to plan a holiday in mountain area. rtf  
Shelters A PowerPoint presentation to introduce ideas about shelters and to stimulate discussion. Thanks to Lucy Tudor.   ppt
Weather A first class set of lesson plans for a year 5 topic on Weather, including charts for monitoring a week's weather.  (Author: C Coster) rtf pdf

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