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Shropshire canal (Thumbnail)
The Lifeboat "Grace Darling", named after a famous Northumbrian girl, who gave her life to save others. A tug, berthed at Calais Ferry Terminal

Hand operated ferry, R.Wye, nr. Symonds Yat

The Lady Maura, berthed in Monaco Harbour, Easter 1998. Note the Helicopter on the aft deck! Many canals were built in Britain during the 18th century. They were designed to be the industrial arteries of their day but were soon superseded by the development of the railways which could deliver goods far more quickly. This is a view of the remaining section of the Coalport Canal in Shropshire.
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Cruise liner in Sorrento Bay  
Although long sea voyages to get from here to there have become a thing of the past (with the advent of air travel) cruising remains very popular amongst those who can afford it. This cruise liner was moored in the bay at Sorrento while its passengers went ashore for the day. Ferries are used to carry passengers, and sometimes vehicles, across rivers, estuaries, lakes and channels. This one is the Mersey Ferry, made famous by Gerry and the Pacemakers Submarine travel underwater (although this one does not since it is only a sculpture). The original Yellow Submarine featured in a cartoon film of the same name. This model of it stands, appropriately, near the docks in Liverpool. Now at rest in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, HMS Warrior, a Victorian warship was the largest and fastest warship of its day. Powered by both sail and steam it was built in 1860  
Mike Freedman  
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