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 A White single decker bus

doubledeckbus2.jpg (24215 bytes) A sunshine coach taxi.jpg (21266 bytes)
A Mk 1 Leyland National single deck bus

A Volvo B10 single deck bus, East Sussex

A double decker bus. The Variety Club of Great Britain fund minibuses for organisations that cater for children with a wide variety of disabilities. These buses are known as Sunshine Coaches Taxi
Garth Porrell Garth Porrell Mike Freedman Garth Porrell Mike Freedman
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estatecar.jpg (14720 bytes)

salooncar.jpg (12804 bytes) sportscar.jpg (7263 bytes)

ambulance.jpg (20060 bytes)

pickup.jpg (15479 bytes)
Estate car Saloon car Sports car An ambulance. Notice the reflective strips on the side. Pickup truck
Mike Freedman
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lorry.jpg (17813 bytes) articulatedlorry.jpg (12422 bytes) van.jpg (10860 bytes)


Lorry Articulated lorry. Van

An electric single deck tram, Black Country Museum, Dudley

Mike Freedman
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