How to submit photographs to the ICTeachers Photo Library

We can accept photographs in most image formats (but we prefer .jpg) Now that broadband connections are becoming more common, newer additions to our library will be larger / higher resolution. We will, if necessary adjust the size of the images that we display.

  • Please warn us (by e-mail) if you are about to send files larger than about 500Kb.

  • Attach your files to an email and send it to The email message should tell us:

  • your name  (and school, if appropriate);

  • a brief description of the photo;

and, if you like,

  • an indication of which page / section of the Photo Library you would like your photo to go into (or suggest a new page);

We have recently begun to market licences to use images from our library for commercial purposes. We will pass on to you 50% of any income raised from photographs you submit. When submitting photographs, please indicate if you are unwilling for us to licence the use of your photographs or to include them in other sales.

If you have any queries about submitting photographs please ask by sending a message to the above address.

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