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The world's first large iron structure was the Iron Bridge, near Telford in Shropshire. Built in 1779 The Iron Bridge's builders used the technology that they knew. They joined the sections of the bridge with woodworking joints. Here is a dovetail... ... and here, a through housing. Notice how a piece of  the iron has cracked away - showing how cast iron is brittle. Another of the Iron Bridge's joints. This one is complete but shows a crack. Triangles are very stong and cannot be deformed. Here the strength of triangles is used to in scaffolding to support the wall of a derelict building.
Mike Freedman
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Concrete is a very commonly used material in our time. These concrete flyovers are at the ferry terminal at Calais. A lifeboat hanging from its davits. The davits are a series of levers to hold the boat over the side of the ship and ropes and pulleys to loower it into the water More levers and pulleys at work in this dockside crane (Calais Ferry Terminal) Cast iron and concrete piers reach out from the shore at Dover Ferry Terminal.
Mike Freedman Mike Freedman Mike Freedman Mike Freedman
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