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All the photographs on this page were submitted by Dave Kitching.
Coming down the South East Ridge to Bwlch Ciliau.JPG (142636 bytes) Crib Coch from Bwlch Ciliau.JPG (115926 bytes) Crib Coch from the causeway on Llyn Llydaw.JPG (47181 bytes) Cwm Glaslyn Llyn llydaw from Y Lliwedd.JPG (91089 bytes) atbwlchciliau.jpg (138853 bytes)
Coming down the East Ridge - You can just make out 2 orange cagouled figures. A view of Crib Coch from Bwlch Ciliau Another view of Crib Coch, this time from the causeway on Llyn Llydaw Cwm Glaslyn, Llyn llydaw from Y Lliwedd At Bwlch Ciliau. The figure at the top of the ridge is Dave.
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oncribcoch.jpg (149267 bytes) pygtrack_and _snowdon.jpg (119576 bytes) y_lliwedd.jpg (48489 bytes) pygtrack_fromtop.jpg (105670 bytes) snowdon_from_llynglaslyn.jpg (96045 bytes)
On Crib Coch. If you look carefully you can see several figures going up or down the mountainside. Here's Dave sitting on the Pyg Track with Snowdon itself in the background. A view of Y Lliwedd, looking back form the descent of Lliwedd Bach. Looking down from the top you can make out the Pyg Track snaking through the mists below. Snowdon, seen from Llyn Glaslyn
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snowdon_from_ylliwedd_over_bwlchciliau.jpg (126564 bytes) Snowdon.JPG (57717 bytes) ylliwedd_from_bwlchciliau.jpg (98115 bytes)    
A view of Snowdon from Y Lliwedd over Bwlch Ciliau A view of Snowdon cross water. Y Lliwedd seen from Bwlch Ciliau    
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