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2 views of The Rock of Cashel, Co.Tipperary, Ireland. An ecclesiastical fortress.

The lonely ruin of Pennard Castle,Gower Peninsula looks out over Oxwich Bay

The massive gatehouse of Kidwelly Castle clearly shows many of the features of a classic heavily fortified castle entrance.

One of Kidwelly Castle's towers. Kidwelly is in South Wales, not far form Carmarthen). Round towers replaced square ones because they were more resistant to damage from flying missiles.
Mike Freedman

Mike Freedman

Mike Freedman

Mike Freedman






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A fine view of Peel Castle on the Isle of Man

Lindisfarne Abbey, Northumberland. (I know it's not a castle - but it's part of the castle complex)

Alnwick Castle, Northumberland. Notice the stone figures atop the battlements.

Bamburgh Castle seen from a distance.

A different view of Bamburgh Castle.
Roy Kelly

Liz Collins

Liz Collins

Liz Collins

Liz Collins
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A distant view of Lindisfarne Castle. Whilst the castle is difficult to see you can clearly see the vantage point that it has on top of its rocky hill (which is the remains of a long extinct volcano)

Warkworth Castle sitting proudly on its motte.

Mont St Michel in Brittany is actually a citadel rather than a castle. It is built on a tidal island of the coast of Normandy.

This fairytale castle is in Segovia in Spain. Does it look familiar? Of course - it's the one that was the model for the Disneyland castle.

Liz Collins

Liz Collins

Mike Freedman

Sue Clamp






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