A suffix is a letter pattern that is fixed to the end of a word.

Kind + ness = kindness.

So to rethink means to think again

There are many suffixes and we will look at them in groups to make it easier to revise them.

Today we are going to look at suffixes that are quite common and are to do with jobs that people do.
The suiffixes are 

-er -or -ian -ist 

For example, a person that writes for a living is writer.

The reason we will look at suffixes is to help us with our spelling.

We are going to add these suffixes to find jobs that people do
I have given you the suffix and a clue. Can you find out and spell the jobs?

Go to answers











Here are the answers.

There are other suffixes: -man and -ar

Man is easy and -ar is not very common.

One you may come across is someone who steals things from houses.
Do you know who that could be?























burglar (did you get the spelling right?) burg-lar.

Well that is our introduction to some common suffixes for job titles.
I hope that you can see the way that many large, hard to spell words are just made up from smaller words that can be put together. Why not come back again when we will be looking at more suffixes?

Good luck!

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