Living things

All living things

feed move grow excrete 

react to the environment

use energy


It isn't good enough to do some of these to be in the livings things club, you must do them all.

Some things like robots can do many of the things above but not all 7 of them!

Name 4 things that fish, birds, monkeys, and roses have in common

You got it!  four from those seven things at the top of the page

It is best to learn those things

Living things can be put into two groups:

Plants, Animals


All plants get their energy from the sun. They use a process called photosynthesis (photo-syn-thesis). This big word means they convert sunlight into food through their leaves.


All animals get their energy by feeding on plants or by feeding on each other.

Animals that feed only on plants are called herbivores

Animals that feed only on other animals are called carnivores

What are you?













You feed on both plants (corn, carrots, beans etc.) and animals: beef, pork, fish so you are a known as an Omnivore. Animals that eat both plants and other animals are known as Omnivores

Can you put the animals in this table into the correct group?


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A sheep eats grass, so it is a  herbivore

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A lion eats meat only, so it is a carnivore

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A cow eats only grass, so it is a herbivore.

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Humans eat both plants and animals and are therefore omnivores

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Hedgehogs eat both plants and animals, so they are omnivores

Now you have had a brief look at living things you will ready to go further next time.

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