Spelling: Suffixes -ing

The silent e and ing

We can often spell easy words but get confused when we are adding suffixes.
Here is an example:

Make + ing: do we keep the e or get rid of it?

Well, we drop it to get making.

This is a general rule.

When adding ing we drop the e if the e is silent.

Do you know what we mean by a silent e?
Which of these words have a silent e on the end?

Stride  agree see bike 

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Stride and bike both have a silent e. It changes the word but we don't hear the e sound
So if we were going to add -ing on to those words, what would they look like?

Striding, biking


That wasn't too hard, was it?

Here is a quick table to help you remember this rule. Fill in the blanks:

Root word  Suffix  New word
take   +ing  
bake  +ing   
come  +ing   
hide  +ing   
fake  +ing   

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Root word  Suffix  New word
take   +ing taking
bake  +ing  baking
come  +ing  coming
hide  +ing  hiding
fake  +ing  faking

That was really easy wasn't it?

Words that don't end in a silent e are easier to do when adding -ing. We will come back to them next time.

Good luck and keep smiling

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