Here are some terms you should revise.
Each of these terms comes with a brief explanation.
I have grouped them into different parts of science that you study.

Today we are going to look at the Heart

Your heart is a muscle that pumps blood around your body. It is really two pumps in one place. The heart needs to be strong and throughout your life you should look after your heart. The following 3 things will help you to this:

1. Exercise regularly.
2. Eat a balanced diet.
3. Don't smoke.


We will cover the lungs again, but for now here is a brief recap.
We need air to survive, without air we die.
When we breath air, we are breathing in a mixture of gases. Air contains (amongst other gases): Oxygen, Nitrogen and some Carbon Dioxide. 

We breath this air in through our lungs. 
Our lungs are able to let the gases in our blood change. 

But how does the blood get around?

This is where the heart comes in. 

1. Blood coming from the heart to the lungs. This blood has been round the body and is oxygen poor. This blood returns through the veins enters the heart and is pumped to the lungs. 

2. At the same time blood coming back from the lungs now oxygen rich, is pumped by the heart through arteries back to the body. 

Why do you think it goes to the lungs?

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It goes to the lungs to have the carbon dioxide removed and to be replenished with oxygen. 

After changing the carbon dioxide for oxygen, the blood goes back into the heart to be pumped back into the body through the arteries.

All this sounds more complicated than it is
Here is a diagram:

That is about it for now. Here is a table to see what you can remember.

What do the following mean or do?

  Brief description Extra information
Carbon dioxide     
Oxygen rich    
Oxygen poor    

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Brief description Extra information
Heart  Muscle that pumps blood around the body  Your heart beats about 100, 000 times a day
Artery  Carries oxygen rich blood to the body  These arteries go away from the heart
Vein  Carries oxygen poor blood (blood with carbon dioxide) to the heart  These veins go towards the heart
Lungs  Where oxygen and carbon dioxide are exchanged (swapped)  The lungs let the gases swap over very rapidly
Blood  Carries oxygen and food to the muscles and organs of the body.  Blood also carries away waste products to the organs
Oxygen  Gas we need breath into survive   
Carbon dioxide  Gas we give out as waste   
Pulse  Your heart beat that you feel   
Air  A mixture of gases and it contains oxygen   
Oxygen rich  Blood going TO the body  Just out of the lungs to the heart
Oxygen poor  Blood coming from the body  Just out of the body to the Heart

Well how did you do?
That wasn't too bad was it?
Next time we will look at the lungs in more detail.
Good look and keep smiling!

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