An Introduction to Division

In the last session we looked at the need to be able to multiply and how when we multiply two numbers together we get a product.
So 4 x 9 = 36
And 9 X 4 = 36
Now we look at breaking up products into smaller groups i.e. division.

Here we have 16 squares each one is equal to one.

We are going to divide this up into different groups.

16 4 = 4

We have said break 16 into groups of 4 how many groups have we got? Answer 4.

16 8 =2

We have said break (divide) 16 into groups of 8 how many groups have we got? Answer 2.

What do you think we will get if we divide 16 by 2 (think about the multiplication rule)? 
Go to answer





















That's right, 8. 

16 2 = 8

 Division wouldn't be easy if we had to draw the boxes each time and it would be very time consuming.
So we have a quicker method.

As with any method, we have to use symbols.
We could write it out in words but that again would be very long and (frankly) boring.

So here are the symbols we use:

Break 16 into groups of 4 how many groups have we got?

Is written in shorter form as 16 divided by 4

In symbol form as 16 4

There is another short form: This means 16 divided by 4 as well. (Remember the number you want to break up [divide] is inside the box).

Use the table below to try your hand at writing in symbol form.
I have done the first one for you.

See the answers



















Well how did you do?
Did you get the numbers the right way round in the box at the end?
It is one thing writing it down, finding the answers is a bit easier now.

I will take you through a few step by step tomorrow.
I hope by now you understand what you are writing down and that you are able to see how division works
Good luck!

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