Adjectives describe nouns.

When we are trying to give people information, we need to describe things in detail. It is the same with writing, we need to ensure that our writing gives the reader information about things that the reader can not see. One way to help with this is to use adjectives.

For example:

I went to the shop.

This sentence does not tell you anything about the shop I went to. This makes it hard for the reader to understand or try to see in their imagination, so the sentence is not very interesting.

To add more interest to the sentence I could describe the shop in greater detail:

I went to my corner shop. The small shop had been there for many years, its shelves behind the counter filled with tall, round, glass sweet jars. Each jar always brimming with sweets that no supermarket stocked anymore. The little shop was owned by an old, grey-haired lady who had been there since I was a little boy. 

The adjectives in the sentence describe: The shop (corner), the sweet jars (tall round glass), the lady (old, grey-haired) and the boy (little).

Using adjectives gives your reader a chance to use their imagination and your sentences are more interesting.

Remember that this is only one way to make our writing more interesting.


Now your turn!

Try and find three adjectives to describe each of the nouns below. Think about making a picture in your reader's head.

Noun Adjectives

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How did you do? Here are some possible answers:

Noun Adjectives
city smokey, beautiful, noisy
grass green, tall, burnt
horse grey, old, strong
boy skinny, small, nasty
house large, warm, lonely
girl happy, tall, lazy

I am sure that you found many more. The point is that we are describing the nouns. Using adjectives will make your writing much more interesting for your reader

Well done!

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