3D Shapes - Nets

In the last session we introduced you to 3D shapes.
Can you remember what the D stands for in 3D?
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That's right, "dimension(al)"

We did not look at one of the common 3d shapes and that was a sphere (ball):

This is different from a circle. A circle is flat (2D). a sphere is 3D is has got volume.
Let us quickly review the 3d shapes we looked at last time.

What are the following shapes called?








Go to table and check your answers




















Here are the answers

Letter  Shape
Triangular Prism
Square based pyramid
Regular tetrahedron

Now we have reviewed the shapes, I want you to imagine that you had to make this cube from a flat piece of card:

What shape could you use and how could it look?

Here is an answer:

The flat shape that we need to make this cube is called a shape net. You have to imagine that you have folded it up to make the cube. 

Do you think that the following net will make a cube?

The answer is yes. This net will make a cube.

Can you imagine a net for this shape? 

A triangular prism

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Did it look like this?

If you could do this you are well on your way to being able to use nets.

To finish off try and find a net for each of the following shapes:

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Square based pyramid

How did you do?
I hope you are getting the hang of this now.
The best way is to break open some boxes along the edges and put them back together.
This makes it easy to visualise the shapes.
Good luck!

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