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Can't find what you're looking for? Then use our super search engines - all designed with children in mind and all safe. Simply type the name or subject that you want to find out about in one of the search engine's boxes and click "search". The results will open up in a separate window - enlarge this window to see your results clearly. Scroll down the results until you find one that you think will give you the information you want and click on it - it will take you straight to the website! If you want to make another search using a different engine, close down the new window and you're back to this page.

Use Four Major Search Engines To search The World Wide Web

Disney's DIG Searcher

Enter a key word first and then this site allows you to ask particular questions relating to the topic you are searching for.


Use Three Search Engines which only search limited material

A database of thousands of sites compiled by librarians.

Search word(s)
Limit by:   
Awesome Library
Explore 12,000 carefully reviewed resources.

Education World
Search over 56,000 education-related sites


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