Here's a different kind of cyberhunt all about the Seven Wonders of the World (the ancient world that is). Yes, get in your time-machine and travel back to visit them all. First of all you need to click here to load the answer page into a word processor. To find the answers to the questions about each of them click on the picture on the right. You will arrive at a website where you will find a carousel with each of the wonders occupying a place. Double-click on the appropriate picture to get to the information you need. Type the answers into the answer sheet. You can also copy and paste the pictures of the wonders from this web page into the first column of the answer sheet. Save and print your finished product. This is a good one! Good luck!

1 When were the pyramids built? How high is the great pyramid? Whose tomb is it? Why are the pyramids different from all the other wonders? Click here to visit to Giza
2 Who were the Hanging Gardens built for? Did they really 'hang'? How were the plants watered in such as hot, dry place? Click here to visit Babylon
3 What was the Mausoleum? Who was was it built for? Who built it? What was on top of the Mausoleum? Click here to visit Halicarnassus
4 What was the Colossus of Rhodes made of? Who did it represent? How long was it standing? What do archeologists think it looked like? Click here to visit Rhodes
5 What was the Pharos? How tall was it? Who built it? What material was it made of? What purpose did a concave mirror serve? Click here to visit Alexandria
6 Who was Artemis? Where did the stone to build the temple come from? What was inside the temple? What surrounded it? Click here to visit Ephesus
7 Who was the sculptor of the Statue of Zeus? What was the statue made of? What was Zeus holding in his hands? What would ancient Olympic athletes do before an event? Click here to visit Olympia

Now you've answered all of the questions why not try a wordsearch (or maybe two). Click here and print them out.


Thanks to Tony Poulter for this Cyberhunt