Seven colours in the rainbow - seven questions about colour! Find the answers to these questions by clicking on the "Click Here" button after each one.  You could write down the answers as you find them or you could do a bit of multi-tasking by clicking here and typing them into a word processor. Good luck!

1 Do you know the names of the seven different colours in the rainbow? This question is not as easy as it seems! find the answer to Question 1
2 Visit "Colour Mix Cottage" and go to the "Mixing Room". Mix two colours. What new colour do you make? find the answer to Question 2
3 Colours can communicate feelings. Choose "What Colour?" and click red on the "Colour Wheel". What does it make us think of? find the answer to Question 3
4 Paint one of Bob the Builder's friends and print out your picture. Which friend did you choose? find the answer to Question 4
5 Use your mouse to put the right colours next to the words. Check the answers. How many did you get right? find the answer to Question 5
6 A rainbow in the morning is bad news - but one in the evening is good! Why is this? Have you got a "weather saying" of your own? find the answer to Question 6
7 Some people are "colour blind" - you may be! So take the test. What are the first 2 numbers in the test? find the answer to Question 7

Now you've answered all of the questions why not try this online word search. There are 10 colour words hiding but they're not easy to find! Click here

Thanks to Tony Poulter for this Cyberhunt