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Discover about a great event or person for every century of the last millennium. Visit the sites below the questions to find the answers. Don't forget to write down your answers, or type them into a word processor. Good Hunting!

1000 - 1100: When was the Battle of Hastings fought? Who led the losing side and who became king of England?

1100 - 1200: When did Richard the Lionheart become king of England? Which Crusade did he go on? What happened to Richard on his way back?
Richard the Lionheart, King John, and the Magna Carta

1200 - 1300: How did a boy become a knight?

1300 - 1400: What was the Black Death? When did the Black Death reach England? How many people died from the plague in Europe between 1347 and 1352?

1400 - 1500: We are often taught that Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492. Is this true? Use the timeline to find which islands he actually did visit in 1492.

1500 - 1600: Find out the names of King Henry VIII's six wives

1600 - 1700: Sir Isaac Newton is regarded as one of the greatest scientists that ever lived. Find out when he was born and where. What were his three Laws of Motion?

1700 - 1800: Who built the Boulton and Watt Steam Engine? For how many years did the engine work and where was it?

1800 - 1900: Charles Dickens was one of the great 19th Century writers. Find out the names of 5 of his books and when they were written.

1900 - 2000: World War 2 was the most tragic war in history. Use the Introduction page of this site to find out how many countries were involved and how many people lost their lives during the war. Who were the main Axis Powers (countries who fought on the side of Germany) and the main Allied powers ( countries who fought on the side of England).

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