The answers to these ten questions about Materials may be found by clicking on the link below each one. You could write the answers down when you find them or you could try a spot of multi-tasking by clicking here and copying these questions into a word processor and typing in the answers as you find them. When you are finished you can print them off. Good luck!

Click on the link below. What is the definition of "matter"?

What are the "three phases of matter"? What is the difference between them?

Play the on the Selecting Materials Quiz Machine. What is the best material to make hip joints out of?

Rock is one of the most important materials. What are the three main types of rock?

Why is water called the "universal solvent"?

How much water is there in your body?

Which material is best for conducting electricity?

What name is given to the big layer of gas that surrounds the Earth?

View the "Water Cycle Movie". What is precipitation?

Investigate air. What is air made up of?

Thanks to Tony Poulter of Hugo Meynell Primary School for this Cyberhunt.

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