The answers to these literacy questions may be found by clicking on the link below each one. You could write the answers down when you find them but why not try a spot of multi-tasking by clicking here and typing in the answers as you find them. Good luck!

1.  What is a double negative? Give an example.

2.  "The boys plays." What, exactly, is wrong with this sentence? What might be the correct way of writing it?

3.  Play the "Face Idioms" matching game. Give an example of an idiom and say what it means.

4.  What is an adverb? Give three examples of adverbs in sentences. What do adverbs usually end with?

5.  Read the poem called "The Commentator" by Marc Sinfield. What tense is this poem written in? Why do commentators use this tense? (Change the tense if you have time and print out your work.)

6.  Load "Star Punc" and then "The Dark Wood". Punctuate the paragraph then copy and paste it into your answers page.

7. Listen to Roger McGough reading his poem "No Peas for the Wicked". What is distinctive about the style or content of Roger's poems?

8.  Complete this spelling quiz. How many did you get right out of 20?

9.  What is a prefix? Use "The Superspeller" to find as many words as you can with the prefix auto and tele.

10. Click on the link and wait for the Visual Thesaurus to load. Type in the word angry. What are some of the synonyms for this word?


Thanks to Tony Poulter for this Cyberhunt