The answers to these questions about Harry Potter may be found by clicking on the link below each one. You could write the answers down when you find them or you could try a spot of multi-tasking by clicking here and typing in the answers as you find them. Good luck!

Where and when did J.K. Rowling first think of Harry Potter?

Some people think the Harry Potter books should be banned. Why? Do you agree?

How many Harry Potter books have been sold so far?

Harry lives with the horrid Dursley family. What are their names?

Who plays the part of Harry Potter in the film? Who does Emma Watson play?

Try on the Hogwarts sorting hat...........if you dare! Which Hogwarts house does it put you in? How does it describe you?

What does Professor Vector teach at Hogwarts? What job does Filch do at Hogwarts?

Look in 'History and Legends'. Which mythological creature is "Fluffy" based on?

What is the title of Book Six in the Harry Potter series? When was it published?

There are three types of ball in Quidditch. What are their names?

If you'd like to try some Harry Potter puzzles (such as a wordsearch and a crossword) then

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