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The Greek Gods

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Follow the links to find the answers. Write your answers on paper or, if you prefer write them on the computer and print them out.

 1. Who or what were the Olympians?   

2. How many Olympians were there and what were their names?

3. There was something unusual about the god, Hephaestus. What was it? and what did Zeus tell Hephaestus to make the very first of as a gift for Prometheus?

4. What does the name "Hades" mean? Write it in Greek characters. Use the alphabet links to find information about Hades.

5. Poseidon was god of the sea and what else? What were his symbols? Draw one of them.

6. Kronos (or Chronos) ate some pretty strange things? What did he eat and how did he die? Click on the little Greek building at the top of the page and then the link for Religion.

7. What did the god, Pan look like? What did he protect? What special things were named after him?

8. What was Hades' throne made of? What was special about his helmet?

9. What did 2 giants do to Ares, the gods of War?

10. Which bird was especially linked with the goddess Athena? By what other name was she sometimes known?