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Click on the links below each question to find the answers. Good luck!

1.  How did Apollodorus describe the monster Cerberus?

2.  Click on the link and do the "Container Quiz". What was a kylix used for?

3.  Who was the king of "The Olympians" and who were his parents?

4. What was the ancient Olympic sporting event called the pankration?

5.  Where does the word "alphabet" come from?

6.  Explore the statue of Athena in the Parthenon. What materials was it made from?

7.  Look at the scultures in the Acropolis Museum. What is "the Moschophoros"?

8.  Which creature is Heracles pictured fighting on this jar in the British Museum?

9.  Click on the link and view the "cyclorama". What could be seen in the Temple of Zeus?

10. Read the newspaper article? How did Heracles die?

Thanks to Tony Poulter of Hugo Meynell School, Staffs for this cyberhunt

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